Madison County's Premier Dressage Facility

   Steel Prize Stables

We do other things besides high level dressage.  For instance, we have a beginner riders program which is mainly oriented on young riders.  We have brought in a Horse whisperer, Buck Brannaman, on two occasions.  And we have a great Christmas Party each year which features Quadrille rides, individual riders and some special events.

**Steel Prize Stables is in need of a weekend worker for feeding, stall cleaning, horse grooming and general barn chores.   Shifts include 6am to 3pm; 7am to 11am; 3pm to 7pm and as needed. Please contact Judith at 256-682-1200.

You and your horse will learn valuable lessons from owner and chief instructor, Judith Fiorentino.  Judith is a bronze, silver, and gold medal winner for achievement as recognized by the United Dressage Federation.  Judith's many years of experience will guide you on your path to excellence in riding either for your own pleasure or in pursuit of your own collections of medals and ribbons.

Judith Fiorentino

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