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Napoleon has come to SPS from Kentucky as a lesson horse.  He enjoys relaxing trail rides and loves spending time with the kids.
River is the largest guy at the barn at 17hh!  He is schooling 3rd level dressage and is a friendly guy...he loves giving kisses! 

Merlin, an Andalusian, is the latest addition to our string of excellent school horses.  He is trained through second level in dressage.  He is very good in a group or riding alone.




Elle is a National Show Horse owned by Tami. 

Meet the horses

Goliath is owned and trained by Judith.  He is her Gold Medal horse.  Looking great for 25 years old!

Saddly, we lost him at age 29.  Gone but never to be forgotten.


James is a clydesdale cross owned by Marsha and ridden by Anne.  Anne has been working regularly with James to continue his advanced dressage training.


Beau is owned and ridden by Chris.   


Hawk is the resident appaloosa of the school horses.  He provides a splash of color to his lesson groups. 


Rocket is a half mustang pony who is great with the lesson kids.  He loves strutting his stuff at the shows and always appreciates a "good boy" cookie after a job well done.



Freeda is a morgan mare who has been part of the lesson program for many years.  She is a true favorite.

Glory gives lessons to many riders as she is quiet and willing to help teach them.  Her pasture mate is Freeda.